A long time ago...

Well not that long ago, I suppose...

As a young man with a screwdriver and a curious mind I took apart everything I could find with an eye to understand how things worked. Unfortunately, not all of those things were successfully reassembled. But with every mistake I learned unforgettable lessons, not just about how things work, but about how patient my parents were. Despite the challenges it posed my parents fostered my interests and helped me to cultivate a profound understanding of all things electrical and mechanical. They also taught me other important things, such as integrity, honesty, and the value of hard work. After a few more years of tinkering, I decided I would try to make a trade out of it. Fortunately, it has been many years since I disassembled something I couldn’t reassemble. 

For 20 years now, I have continued to learn important lessons about how to leverage the latest technological breakthroughs and how to provide the best support to my customers. I have yet to find a problem I couldn't find a solution for. Except for that pesky “ending a sentence with a preposition” rule. I never did get that down. 

TL;DR: I love fixing things and I'm pretty darn good at it. 

Owner/Operator: Josh Whaley
A.K.A: Iceman